Cotswold Midweek Break


Escape to the Heart of the Cotswolds with a Midweek Deal

Feldon Valley is a luxury hotel situated amidst the rolling hills and picturesque landscapes of the Cotswolds. It offers lodges, a restaurant, and a golf course. This luxurious destination has lodges, a restaurant, and a golf course.

Feldon Valley is perfect for couples seeking a romantic getaway. It's also great for corporate parties looking for a unique venue for their event. Come stay with us at Feldon Valley for a unique experience of comfort, food, and fun during the week.

Home Away from Home

At Feldon, we understand the need for relaxation and rejuvenation. Our luxury lodges offer a cozy retreat in the beautiful countryside. We design our lodges for maximum comfort and privacy, making them the perfect getaway for your midweek break.

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and take advantage of our exclusive midweek stay offers. Our midweek breaks in the Cotswolds offer a peaceful getaway or a change of scenery. They are designed to give you the perfect short escape. Enjoy the serene beauty of the Cotswold countryside, unwind in our luxurious accommodations, and savour exquisite fine-dining experiences.

Relax and unwind at Feldon Valley with plenty of activities and amenities to enjoy on your midweek getaway. The perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature is here. Check out our midweek getaway choices and indulge in a calming break that will make you feel refreshed and revitalized.

A Culinary Journey

For a relaxing break, you can enjoy meals prepared by our talented kitchen team. Head Chef Victoria leads the team. You don't have to leave the site to enjoy these meals.

Prepare your taste buds for an extraordinary culinary journey! Our fancy restaurant has a menu that changes with the seasons and uses fresh local ingredients from the Cotswolds. We get bread, meat, and dairy from local suppliers and fruits, veggies, and herbs from our own ecology island.

If the weather allows you could even eat alfresco and enjoy our stunning views.

Engaging Activities for all

For those who seek a more active short break, Feldon Valley has an array of activities to entertain. Our golf course is challenging for experienced and new golfers, with a beautiful background of green fields.

If tranquillity and wellness are your priorities, our on-site wellness therapists from Solstice Wellbeing, will not disappoint. Surrender yourself to the hands of skilled therapists and indulge in treatments designed to relax and restore both mind and body. Afterwards, take a leisurely stroll amidst the serene grounds and beyond, feeling the stress of everyday life melt away.

Exploring Local Treasures

Beyond the sanctuary of the hotel, the Cotswolds beckon with their own wonders. Use your midweek break to visit nearby attractions like the historic Blenheim Palace. This UNESCO World Heritage site features beautiful architecture and gardens. For those with a taste for locally crafted spirits, a visit to the Cotswolds Distillery promises an enlightening experience.

About Feldon Valley

Situated a few miles from the three-shires cornerstone of Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire, Feldon Valley is nestled amidst honey hued villages in an area of outstanding natural beauty and comprises luxury lodge accommodation, restaurant The Kitchen and an 18-hole golf course. Championing local suppliers and fresh produce amongst the stunning surroundings, Feldon Valley embodies an ethos of Community, Nature, Cotswolds and is situated within reach of London, Birmingham and Bristol.

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