About Feldon Valley

Feldon Valley has undergone a significant transformation in 2018 thanks to the vision and investment of our owner Thariq Ahmad. We have developed from a charming Golf Club to a destination that offers a quality dining experience in our Restaurant, The Kitchen at Feldon Valley, and also provides accommodation in our newly built hotel, The Lodges at Feldon Valley. These three businesses do stand alone, but also complement and support each other to bring a variety of options to this beautiful area of the Cotswolds. We aim to deliver exceptional service in a professional, but relaxed atmosphere and we warmly welcome all our guests and members.


Feldon Valley is a business that prides itself on the tagline of Community, Nature, Cotswolds and applies these three words to all avenues of thought and policy. We are proud to be part of the community and want to support local businesses and residents wherever possible. We want to create a community of employees that understand the vision and are supported, challenged and rewarded for providing the best possible service and experience to any guest or member that drives through our gates. We are committed to caring for the nature that surrounds us, recycling wherever possible and sourcing products that share our ethics. We are immensely proud to be a part of the Cotswolds and will always do our best to represent this wonderful area in the best possible way, we want to reflect the history and character of the region and will always be positive ambassadors.


Come and join us for food, drinks, golf, to enjoy the region or simply to relax in a beautiful setting…. stay a day or two and get to know us!

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